Chair of Succession Committee

Our Succession Committee Board Members have been extremely pleased with the services provided by Tim and his staff.  He has been the perfect person to support our (BOD and staff) through this process.  We are most appreciative of his deep expertise, understanding of our culture and responsiveness to our particular needs.”

– Financial Institution Board Chair

Commercial Bank CEO

“They understand the changes that are taking place. They are able to look at the marketplace and evaluate banking needs. They are in a position to help us respond to the technology and lifestyle changes in the marketplace over the coming years. They are up-to-date on current regulation.”

– Commercial Bank CEO

Community Bank CEO

“Matthews, Young provides practical help. They are down-to-earth. They look at the resources available, and make recommendations in line with these resources. They are also able to keep the relevant goals in focus.”
– Community Bank CEO


Community Bank CEO

“We were starting a new bank and set up a budget for Matthews, Young services before we knew specifically how we would use them. We wanted them on our Team. They are an institution in the financial services arena.”
– Community Bank CEO

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