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Organization Should be Driven by Strategy

Workforce planning follows strategy, and a thorough analysis should be done to identify the capabilities needed to achieve that strategy. These determinations, while often facilitated by MYMC consultants, are not really a separate HR function as much as a part of the strategic plan and need to clearly identify the numbers and skills of people that will be needed to succeed. This is a difficult task!

The differences among strategy, capabilities and workforce-drivers are sometimes quite subtle and difficult to understand, and yet are critical to the successful execution of an organization’s strategy. MYMC consultants help clarify the subtleties needed for success.

Organizational DesignMatthews, Young Executive Talent Services

Strategic planning often results in a recognition that the organization is not structured to implement new strategic directions. We work with Management and the Board to examine executive job structures, match existing talent with organizational needs, redesign reporting relationships and communication channels and fill voids where they exist.

Peopling the Organization

Many years ago, when the Chief Executive of a large company decided to retire, the Board asked us to do the search for a successor because we had worked with them for a number of years on many issues. Since then, we have been asked to find many other senior level managers, for for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, in start-up, normal operation, and turnaround situations. As a result, we developed a formal practice in retained executive search.

Matthews, Young – Management Consulting has conducted numerous executive searches as a natural extension of our total practice in strategic services, organization design, and compensation services. We typically work on these issues at Board and Executive levels, and are frequently asked to fill voids in the executive level of client organizations.

For a complete description of our Executive Search process, see our Executive Search Services Brochure.

Executive Team Assessment and Coaching

Too often, Companies hire motivational speakers or psychologists to do this work. While both have something to offer, this approach has short term effects and is more focused on “fixing” people than matching the Company’s needs with the knowledge, skills AND desires of executives. We start with an in-depth understanding of our client’s strategies and assess the management team’s knowledge, skills, abilities and personal goals to determine what issues exist. Then, a custom approach to addressing the issues is built, results are tracked and adjustments are made until strategies are being achieved.


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