Recent Engagements


We are assisting a bank to comply with formal Agreements with regulators.

A financial client resolved to change its charter and structure based on a critical analysis of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and voids.

Another financial client grew from start-up to over $2 Billion of assets in 10 years based on critical on-going analysis of markets, products, human resources, capital and technology.

We also helped a recently-merged technology company fine tune their portfolio of products and services and reorganize to better focus on their customers. Then, we helped the Compensation Committee align their executive compensation program with achieving the new strategy.

Retained Search 

Matthews, Young just completed a search for a the new CEO of a $34 Billion financial institution.

We recently helped develop a Succession Plan for the CEO position at a $900 Million community bank, conducted an extensive national search, reviewed internal candidates and assisted the Board determine the candidate who was best suited for the job when compared with available talent, internal and external.

We also found a new Chief Executive Officer that fit the unique needs of another $500 Million community bank in Louisiana.

We also recently found two CFOs, a Market President and a senior commercial lender for banks.

Compensation –

During 2016, we helped many community banking organizations to update their salary administration programs to compete in a rapidly changing marketplace.

We are currently helping numerous Compensation Committees resolve how to compete for executive and director talent, as well as comply with extensive disclosure requirements.

A medium sized construction company came to us recently to help develop annual cash incentive plans.

We helped the Board of a recently- merged billion-dollar bank to combine and improve its executive compensation packages in a fashion that retained and motivated all the executives.

Organizational Development

A community financial institution transformed its culture to become an effective sales organization with our long-term assistance in strategic planning, organizational design and compensation programming.

Special Project

A small community thrift institution determined where to locate new branches and what new services it needed to offer to survive into the next century.

A major business-to-business services provider came to us to survey their customers’ satisfaction with products and services.

Intelligent Systems

Matthews, Young computerized compensation models support organizations throughout the US.

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