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New and Improved Compensation and Benefits Surveys….

For more than 30 years, Matthews, Young has surveyed compensation and benefits for financial institutions in many states. Today, we survey banks in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and occasionally other states. These surveys are produced in conjunction with bankers associations of their respective states. Each survey is customized to the bankers association special specifications. Salary information covers all bank related jobs from the Chief Executive Officer to Teller and Courier salaries.

In addition to salary and bonus/incentive data, information covers everything from Board of Directors Compensation to Benefits and Perquisites broken down into the Executive, Exempt and Nonexempt levels. Results can only be purchased by those banks that participate in the surveys through their bankers association. To join the bankers association, you must contact the association directly.
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We also sponsor an annual compensation survey for financial institutions with more than $1 billion of assets across the entire southeastern region of the U.S. These institutions tend to operate in more than one state and have special survey needs.  Contact us directly for information on how to participate in this special large bank survey.

New compensation surveys have launched:

Links to our Surveys:

South Atlantic Bankers Association Compensation Survey

Florida Bankers Association Survey

Georgia Bankers Association Survey

Banks of the Carolinas Survey 

Virginia Bankers Association Survey

Click on one of the Links – above – if you have a password to a Survey.  If you need a password, either contact your Bankers Association or contact Matthews, Young – Management Consulting  by clicking here: Contact Us

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